Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quick Post

I realized I haven't posted in a while and due to the constant inquiries from a certain someone I've decided to do a quick post. The 1st piece is a preview of a painting I'm currently working on..I'll post the finish soon. The 2nd is a portrait of a friend I recently entered in a show. Sorry for the lack of updates and I will post more soon I promise!


Ursula said...

que lindo encontrar tu lugar con tanta creatividad y belleza!!

te felicito!!!

hermosos días!!


Geary Day said...

Thank you very much for the kind words Ursula!

Lamar Mathurin said...

pretty sick stuff man! Keep it up!

Geary Day said...

Thank you for the comments!

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This Wonderful work with us
Good creations