Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Academy Assignment & Sketches

Ahhhh, back from the Academy, what a journey!  Words can't describe the experience.  I will post everything done from the Academy once I find a large enough scanner, but in the mean time I've posted our Rolling Stone assignment from visiting artists/instructors Robin Eley and Scott Anderson.  The letter I drew was "F", so I chose to do the group the Fugees.  I've included all the process work: thumbnails, sketches, and final drawing.  I enjoyed this assignment tremendously.  Finally, in celebration of the new Batman movie I posted a quick sketch from the sketchbook of my favorite childhood hero and television show growing up.  Yes, the POW! Batman.  Can't beat that, haha.  Well that's all for now!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Academy Figures

Here are some of the figure drawings we've been doing at the academy.  This technique all the instructors have showed us is pretty dope.  All of these range from 5-20 min. and the last one was done with my right hand.  I think I'm starting to grasp the idea of how these pastels work and I'm definitely having a blast here.