Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Portrait of an up and coming music artist Drake. His mixtapes are the only thing that have been on my playlist for a while now. Definitely going to be one of the best in the hip hop/r&b game very soon. I even found myself watching some episodes of Degrassi (teen drama show on the N) which he starred in a while back..terrible I know. If you haven't heard his stuff download his latest mixtape: So Far Gone. You won't be disappointed. That's all for now. ROo!



Oliver Dominguez said...

WOW!!! Thats a sick painting man. Hope all is well my friend.



diegodayer said...

your very good work.

Virginia Palomeque said...

Great work!!!
Virginia Palomeque

Momo Luna said...

Great, i like it!

VISION Photography | | This is my true vision said...

this is definitely what's up. i think he'll dig it too. shoot it to him...i'm just saying.

elizabeth avedon said...

This is GREAT! Really a great portrait. I look forward to viewing more of your work.

Geary Day said...

Thanks you guys for the comments..

Dawood Marion said...

Incredible work!!!!
Great work making the digital look traditional.